• DianaF
  • Lasardina
  • FE2
  • Lomokino
  • DianaMini

Get your analogue fix with lomography!

Diana F+

A new twist on the cult classic 60’s Diana camera, the Diana F+ produces dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images on 120 film. The same look, the same quality – But the modified version also allows you to take pinhole photos and is compatible with an entire line of Diana F+ accessories. The Diana F+ package includes the plug-it-in-and-fire-away Diana+ Flash and comes with a set of colour gel filters for coloursplashing your shots!

La Sardina Quadrat

Fashionable types will easily recognize the cool and classic houndstooth design adorning the La Sardina Quadrat Pattern Edition Camera & Flash! Besides its timeless beauty it yields the wide-angle goodness and multiple exposure capabilities that La Sardina is known for. Comes with the powerful Fritz the Blitz for tossing powerful flash when you need it!


The LomoKino, Lomography’s very own 35mm movie camera, is set to revolutionize the analogue landscape forever. Forget about the rules and direct your own stunning short films – with this handy camera, all you need is a 35mm film roll and your creativity!

Fisheye 2

The world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is now more amazing than you ever thought possible!

Diana Mini

Get flashy with the Diana Mini! The Diana Family’s little plastic sweetheart is now bundled up with a Diana F+ Flash to keep you shooting your dreamy 35mm squares and half-frame in all lighting conditions.

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