What we believe

Caya is built on a strong foundation of beliefs. These beliefs inspire and unite us, directing us towards creating a retail experience and a place in the community that is unique, authentic and filled with the personalities of those who are part of the Caya family.

We believe in:

Being fully yourself

Caya doesn’t strive to be like any existing store, rather it has its own vision, its own way of being. It’s forging its own path, and supports and encourages you to do the same, being fully yourself.

Embracing the new

Life is filled with fresh ideas, new opportunities and unscripted moments. Curiosity to try something different and to explore the untried, gives us all an opportunity to learn and grow, which is why, at Caya, we are committed to embracing the new.

Taking fun seriously

There is beauty in laughter, delight in pure fun. It inspires in us an inherent, uncontrollable reflex action that elevates our mood. At Caya, we believe that playfulness is a virtue. It’s laughter that lingers and has the power to connect people in a way that most other actions cannot, which is why we are dedicated to taking fun seriously.